Jon Marc Holt – General Manager

Jon Marc’s role at the facility is to manage and oversee all activity that happens. Jon Marc is responsible for handing contract information and pricing. He is also responsible for all major changes and transitions at the Event Center. Jon Marc brings an efficient business mindset to the Event Center, and wants wants to make sure each trip to the here is everything you could have dreamed it to be.


Annie Jo Gilbert – Director of Marketing and Event Coordination

Annie Jo’s role at the facility is to coordinate all social media, website, and graphic design. She also handles contract information and deals with the customers on marketing their events through the Woodward Event Center. Annie Jo will welcome you to the Event Center with a smiling face and a warm heart, yet determined to make your event a success.


Steve Hamilton – Head of Maintenance and Operation

Steve oversees all set up and general facility maintenance. He is the heart of the operation, and usually the one all customers will see and deal with on the day of the event, and prior to their event. Steve wants to make sure the customers are taken care of with the highest priority and will do anything to make your day a success.


Mary Lou Sanders – Custodial

Mary Lou is the reason the facilities stay so clean and in tip top shape. Mary Lou is responsible for all cleaning and small room set up. She pours her heart into each task she does, and wants to make sure you enjoy your trip to the Woodward Event Center.


Jason Woodard – Set Up/ Breakdown and General Operation

Jason is the silent and efficient worker. He works along side Steve to make sure your day is a success. Jason is always up for any task the customer throws his way, and works his hardest to make sure your dreams are a reality.