Building A

Building A offers an 19,200 square foot open floor plan that is conveniently located in the center of the Woodward County Event Center and Fairgrounds complex. Building A is well equipped with over 45 retractable electric drops, 2 large mounted ceiling fans, and a newly redesigned exhaust system to create superb air flow throughout the building. At the north end of the building sets a newly renovated conference room, and concession / catering kitchen.


  • 120’ x 160′ open floor space
  • 19,200 square feet of floor space
  • 45 – retractable electrical drops (20amp)
  • 7 – large automatic overhead doors
  • commercial ceiling fans
  • exhaust air system
  • integrated audio system
  • 800 square foot newly renovated conference room
  • concession / catering kitchen with serving windows
  • Wi-Fi available
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